Question: What’S Another Word For Rehabilitation?

What are the types of rehabilitation services?

Rehabilitation services help people return to daily life and live in a normal or near-normal way.

These services may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, cognitive therapy, and mental health rehabilitation services..

What does 7u7r mean?

7u7: is a way of saying in the form of emoticon which explains that you like the anonymous or a way of saying thank you.

What is the difference between rehabilitation and habilitation?

According to the AOTA, “habilitative services help a person keep, learn, or improve skills and functioning for daily living.” Rehabilitative services, on the other hand, “help a person keep, get back, or improve skills and functioning for daily living that have been lost or impaired because a person was sick, hurt, or …

Is rehab a word?

adjective. of or relating to rehabilitation: funds for new rehab projects in the city.

What is rehabilitation in disaster?

Rehabilitation, reconstruction and sustainable recovery refer to measures that help restore the livelihoods, assets and production levels of emergency-affected communities. … Rehabilitation and reconstruction include measures which help increase the resilience of food systems in case of future disasters and emergencies.

What’s another name for cure?

What is another word for cure?medicineremedyantidotemedicationcorrectivemedicamenttreatmentcurativephysictherapy99 more rows

What are the types of rehab?

The three main types of rehabilitation therapy are occupational, physical and speech. Each form of rehabilitation serves a unique purpose in helping a person reach full recovery, but all share the ultimate goal of helping the patient return to a healthy and active lifestyle.

What is basic rehabilitation?

Introduction. Rehabilitation is the restoration of optimal form (anatomy) and function (physiology). Musculoskeletal injuries can have immediate and significant detrimental effects on function.

What is the purpose of rehabilitation?

The overall goal of rehabilitation is to help you get your abilities back and regain independence. But the specific goals are different for each person. They depend on what caused the problem, whether the cause is ongoing or temporary, which abilities you lost, and how severe the problem is.

What is rehab short for?

Rehab is short for rehabilitation, which is the act of restoring someone’s life to a happy and normal state through skills training and therapy. Rehab can help people recover from drug and alcohol addictions.

What’s the opposite of rehabilitation?

rehabilitate. Antonyms: denude, divest, disempower, incapacitate, disqualify, strip, deprive.

What is mean rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation: The process of helping a person who has suffered an illness or injury restore lost skills and so regain maximum self-sufficiency. For example, rehabilitation work after a stroke may help the patient walk and speak clearly again.

What is the rehabilitation process?

Rehabilitation is the process of helping an individual achieve the highest level of function, independence, and quality of life possible. Rehabilitation does not reverse or undo the damage caused by disease or trauma, but rather helps restore the individual to optimal health, functioning, and well-being.

What is a synonym for rehabilitation?

recovery. nounthe process of regaining health. betterment. comeback. convalescence.

What is an example of rehabilitation?

Some examples of rehabilitation include: Exercises to improve a person’s speech, language and communication after a brain injury. … Exercise training and education on healthy living for a person with a heart disease. Making, fitting and educating an individual to use a prosthesis after a leg amputation.