Quick Answer: What Is Tertiary Occupation?

What are the examples of tertiary occupation?

Examples of tertiary industries may include:Telecommunication.Hospitality industry/tourism.Mass media.Healthcare/hospitals.Public health.Pharmacy.Information technology.Waste disposal.More items….

What does tertiary occupation mean?

Tertiary occupation is employment in the tertiary or the service sector . In such occupation the employer and the employee both provide services to the consumers . It is among the most preferred form of occupation as it yeild great income with less fatigue.

What is tertiary?

Tertiary means third in order, third in importance, or at a third stage of development. [formal]

What are tertiary activities Class 9?

Tertiary sector comprises activities that provide support to the primary and secondary sectors through various services. Trade, transport, communication, banking, education, health, tourism, insurance, etc., are examples of tertiary activities.

What is a secondary occupation?

What is a secondary occupation? Secondary occupations are all tasks undertaken in addition to regular employment that do not relate to private life. These include extra work in other employment, performing assignments, or conducting a personal business in addition to one’s ordinary employment.

Is banking a tertiary activity?

All services received from financial institutions (FIs), such as banks, and investment brokers, are tertiary in nature, as well.