Quick Answer: What Is The Japanese Equivalent Of EBay?

Is Rakuten a trusted site?


Rakuten is a very secure site.

They do not require that you enter any payment information to use their services, which is a good sign..

Is Rakuten owned by Amazon?

For those familiar with Amazon only, Rakuten is (simply put) the Amazon of Japan BUT it is a global company offering different benefits and is a competitor just like Alibaba competes with the two. …

Does eBay exist in Japan?

It’s normal! eBay has not been available in Japan since 2004, but many Japanese alternatives are available. … We therefore regularly use e-commerce sites that work like eBay but are purely Japanese marketplaces.

What is the equivalent of Amazon in Japan?

Traffic-wise, Amazon gets dwarfed by a local e-commerce site in Japan, too: Rakuten. Amazon is active in Japan for a good reason: In its last report [JP, PDF], the Japanese government said the country’s online B2C sector grew by 21.7% to over $55 billion in 2007 on a year-on-year basis.

What is the best alternative to eBay?

Amazon. Amazon: A Major Marketplace like eBay, but Cheaper. … Etsy. Etsy (as well as Ruby Lane): The Artsy-Crafty Platforms. … Bonanza. Bonanza: A Fast-Growing Online Marketplace. … Craigslist. Craigslist: The World’s Largest Online Classified Website. … eBid. eBid: Another “Sell Anything” Marketplace. … Rakuten. … Newegg. … eCrater.More items…

Who is eBay’s biggest competitor?

Top EBay CompetitorsTop Ebay Competitor.1) Amazon.2) Alibaba.3) Walmart – Through direct retail and Walmart.com.4) JD.5) Priceline.6) Rakuten.7) Zalando.More items…•

Why did eBay fail in Japan?

EBay Inc., conceding failure in its effort to gain a toehold in the world’s second-largest economy, said it will shutter its Internet auction site in Japan. … EBay made the decision based on the dearth of trading on eBay’s Japan site relative to its competitors in the region, the executives said.

Here’s a summary of the eBay statistics you need to know in 2020: There are 182 million eBay users worldwide. The eBay app is used by 34.9 percent of all US mobile users. 16.4 percent of items sold on eBay fall in the “Electronics & Accessories” category, the top-selling category.

Why did eBay fail in Asia?

First, eBay failed to recognize that the Chinese market and the business environment are very different from that of the West. EBay sent a German manager to lead the China operation and brought in a chief technology officer from the United States. Neither one spoke Chinese or understood the local market.

Is eBay now called Rakuten?

U.S. Rakuten Marketplace, formerly top retailer Buy.com before Japanese ecommerce conglomerate Rakuten Inc. acquired it, is shutting down. The last date to order on the marketplace is Sept. 15, the company says.

What other sites can I sell on besides eBay?

Now, without any further ado, here are the top 11 eBay selling alternatives of 2019.Amazon.Etsy.Rakuten.Newegg.Bonanza.eBid.

Is Rakuten and eBay the same?

Japan-based e-commerce company Rakuten and eBay will launch stores on each other’s platforms in hopes of expanding international business and cross-border sales, reports eCommerce Bytes. … Sellers will be able to ship items worth at least $25 to eBay, which then lists the goods.