Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Word Of Accusation?

What is the meaning of accuse?

1 : to charge with a fault or offense : blame He accused her of being disloyal.

2 : to charge with an offense judicially or by a public process He was accused of murder.

intransitive verb.

: to bring an accusation.

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Can you charge someone for false accusation?

Section 314 of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) (‘the Act’) makes it an offence punishable by up to seven years in prison to make a false accusation. To establish the offence, the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant: Made an accusation against another person, … Knew the accused person was innocent.

What is another word for falsely?

1 mistaken, incorrect, wrong, untrue. 2 untruthful, lying, mendacious. 3 insincere, hypocritical, disingenuous, disloyal, unfaithful, inconstant, perfidious, traitorous. 4 misleading, fallacious.

Is accusatory a real word?

The adjective accusatory is popular in murder mysteries. Screaming, “The butler did it!” is accusatory. Giving someone the evil eye is accusatory. Sometimes accusatory words or actions are obvious, and other times they’re subtle.

What is another word for investigation?

Synonyms of investigationdelving,disquisition,examen,examination,exploration,inquest,inquiry,inquisition,More items…

What is a word for false accusation?

The noun defamation describes something very mean and completely deliberate, essentially a false accusation against someone or an attack on a person’s good reputation. … The terms libel and slander — written or spoken lies about a person, group, or business — both fall under the category of defamation.

What is another word for accusation?

SYNONYMS FOR accuse 1 arraign, indict; incriminate, impeach.

What are two synonyms for accusation?


What is a better word for was?

What is another word for was?appearedbecamelookedseemedcame to behad beenhas beenhave beenturned out to bewere2 more rows

What is the synonyms for investigate?

Synonyms of investigatedelve (into),dig (into),examine,explore,inquire (into),look (into),probe,research.

What is the opposite of accused?

Opposite of past tense for to accuse of wrongdoing. absolved. exonerated. cleared. vindicated.

What is an antonym for investigate?

ˌɪnˈvɛstəˌgeɪt) Conduct an inquiry or investigation of. Antonyms. synthesize inactivity uncover.

What to do when someone makes false accusations against you?

Steps to Take If You Are Falsely Accused of a CrimeRealize the seriousness of the accusations. … Understand the cost of a defense. … Intervene before charges. … Take no action. … Gather any physical evidence and documents. … Obtain witness contact information. … Investigation. … Plea bargain.