Quick Answer: What State Has The Highest Paid Game Wardens?

How much does a Texas Game Warden make a year?

The average salary for a fish and game warden in Texas is around $70,970 per year..

How much do Maine Game Wardens make?

The average salary for a fish and game warden in Maine is around $61,470 per year.

How many game wardens are killed each year?

There were four game warden deaths from 1886 to 1900, and 21 warden deaths in the 9 year period from 2001–09. The most common causes of death in the most recent time period (2001 to 2009) were automobile accidents (6), aircraft accidents (3), heart attacks (3), accidental (2), drowned (2), and gunfire (2).

What is the starting salary of a game warden?

Fish and game warden salary by stateState NameAverage SalaryArizona$52,800California$79,780Connecticut$61,110Georgia$58,66032 more rows

What can game wardens do that cops can t?

Their Law Enforcement Authority – In some states, such as California and Texas, game wardens are given general law enforcement authority. In these areas, game wardens can arrest individuals who violate federal, state, or local laws, regardless of whether the violation involves wildlife.

Can Texas game wardens have tattoos?

Dress Code: Cadets and Game Wardens are required to wear a prescribed uniform and adhere to established dress and grooming standards. … Commissioned personnel shall not wear tattoos, if visible or exposed, that are of an offensive manner or nature, while in uniform.

Can a game warden go in your house without a warrant?

No. A game warden who suspects a violation of conservation (fish & wildlife) laws does not a search warrant.

Do game wardens go to the police academy?

Some states have game warden academies that you’re required to attend for basic training before you can become a game warden. The length of academy training will vary from state to state, but you’ll generally study many of the same subjects regardless of which state you live in: … Physical training. Use of firearms.

Do game wardens have more authority than police?

They have the same authority as police officers and are authorized to enforce state laws just as any peace officer would. Game wardens can make arrests, write tickets, and seize property just as a city police officer can.

How long is Game Warden Academy?

3-12 monthsGame warden cadets are typically trained in state-run law enforcement academies for a period of 3-12 months. This is generally followed by several weeks of field training in wildlife conservation as well as fish and game enforcement issues.

Can game wardens hunt?

Game wardens are empowered to enforce all criminal statutes, not just laws pertaining to hunting and fishing.

How dangerous is being a game warden?

During hunting season, game wardens are at risk of being shot by stray hunter’s bullets. … Most often, when a game warden faces gunfire it is by accident but there are times when he or she is forced to confront a potentially dangerous suspect for violation of hunting and fishing laws.

Can game wardens pull you over?

Generally, yes. Most game wardens (more properly called conservation officers) are peace officers, and can enforce state and local laws, including traffic laws. … If they’re a state certified police officer then yes they do have the right and authority to pull you over for speeding.

What is the best state to be a game warden in?

New JerseyTable 1. Highest-paying States for Fish and Game Wardens (2019 Survey)RankStateEntry Level Salary i1New Jersey$63,1902California$56,2503Washington$56,4704Maryland$57,58040 more rows

What state has the lowest paid game wardens?

The following BLS table provides a further breakdown of salaries for game wardens, according to state:South Dakota. 110. 18.13. 21.60. … Texas. 460. 31.85. 34.12. … Vermont. 25.72. 28.13. 31.94. … Virginia. 210. 20.62. 23.44. … Washington. 100. 32.35. 38.44. … West Virginia. 110. 20.56. 22.16. … Wisconsin. 340. 21.93. 23.73. … Wyoming. 22.45. 30.30. 30.95. 31.33.More items…

Is it hard to become a Texas Game Warden?

Becoming a state game warden in Texas is a challenging process. If you apply and you meet the minimum requirements, the state invites you to take a physical readiness test. If you score high, then you go through interviews and background checks, then get an invitation to attend the Game Warden Training Academy.

How much money does a cop make in Texas?

The average salary for a police officer in Texas is around $60,443 per year.