Quick Answer: Why Is There Heavy Competition For Work Among The Farm Labourers In Village Palampur?

What is the minimum wage rate for a farm Labourer?

According to a labour ministry notification, an unskilled agriculture laborer would be entitled to get a minimum wage of Rs 300 per day in C-category towns as against Rs 160 now while those in B and A category towns will get Rs 303 and Rs 333 respectively..

Why are the farm Labourers ill paid in India?

Farm labourers are ill paid in india because of the lack of alternative employment opportunities. There are a lot of unskilled labourers in rural areas of India who all compete for jobs asfarm labourers. They cannot do any other job either because jobs are not available or they do not have the required skills.

Why is there competition among the Labourers in the village?

Answer: The minimum wages for a farm labourer set by the government Are ` 60 per day, but wages of farm labourers in Palampur are less than minimum wages because there is heavy competition for work among the term labourers in Palampur, so people agree to work for lower wages.

How are farm Labourers different from farmers?

They are the ones who come from landless families and those families who cultivate small plots of land. They are paid wages by the farmer and work for them. Farmers: They are the people who grows crops in the land in a wide variation.

How did the spread of electricity help the farmers?

Answer: The spread of electricity supported the Palampur farmers as it helped to change the village’s irrigation system. Persian wheels were historically used by farmers to draw water from wells and irrigate small fields. But after the spread of electricity, these Persian wheels were replaced by electric tube wells.

How are farmers paid wages?

Instead they are paid wages by the farmer for whom they work. Wages can be in cash or in king e.g. crop. Whatever they get as wages is always less than the minimum wages fixed by the government i.e. Rs 60 per day. … Wages vary widely from region to region, from crop to crop, from one farm activity to another.

Why are farm Labourers like Dala and ramkali poor?

Why are farm labourers like Dala and Ramkali poor? Answer: … (c) There is heavy competition for work among the farm labourers in Palampur, so people agree to work for low wages. (d) They remain out of work for most parts of the year and have to take loans from the moneylender to fulfill their needs.

What do the farmers do with the surplus farm products?

1 Answer. Large and medium farmers sell the surplus farm products. A part of the earnings is saved and kept for buying capital for the next season. Some farmers might also use the savings to buy cattle, trucks or to set up shops.

Why is competition heavy?

Answer: There is a very heavy competition among farm labourers in Palampur because there are many big farmes in Palampur. … Apart from this season, the farm labourers have no work for the whole year. That’s why there is very heavy competition among farm labourers.

How do farm laborers get wages in Palampur?

Answer: wages are paid in cash or kind(food). Explanation: because there is heavy competition in palampur among labourers so people agree to work for lower wages or meals.

Why are farm Labourers paid less in Palampur?

The wages for farm labourers in Palampur are lower than the wages for farm labourers set by the government due to intense competition. There is heavy competition among the farmers for work in Palampur, so farmers get ready to work for lower wages.

What is a farm worker called?

other words for farm worker drudge. farmhand. gopher. laborer. peasant.